The Project Description


Fully-electric Large Passenger demonstration vehicles

Members of the consortium delivering the project include Air International, Futuris and Axiflux with previous contributions from the electric vehicle charge network operator Better Place, and major automotive component suppliers Bosch, Continental, GE, and with support for the project from CSIRO.

The project completed 7 fully-electric vehicles in 2012 based on the locally manufactured Holden Commodore as proof-of-concept, to demonstrate the technical viability and attractiveness to customers of a large EV. One of the project objectives was to develop technologies suitable for future mass production.

The next phase of the project is to integrate the Axiflux electric motor technology into the vehicles and leverage this locally made powertrain solution to provide consulting services and innovative new products to the global EV market.

Project Goals include:

(1) Deliver zero emissions motoring when powered by renewable electricity.

(2) Deliver the same high standards of safety and features available in this class of vehicle while delivering comparable performance.

(3) Develop electric vehicle engineering skills and components within the Australian supplier industry for potential export to car makers globally, with opportunities including electronic motor technology, thermal management systems and battery pack design.